Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2013 Great Frederick Fair Results! A Trifecta! ...Blue, red and yellow!

A Trifecta of results: 1,2,3;  Blue, red and yellow ribbons.  Hooray!

We went to the fair this past weekend with the grandkids to see how my honey, hive products and photography had performed.

I was excited to see that my photograph of worker bees fanning on the top board of hive 1 won a 1st place (blue ribbon)!

And, my honey won a 3rd place (yellow ribbon).  (The usual guy won 1st place again! But, I have to admit that his honey was crystal clear and beautiful.)

My gift pack with hive products in it won a 2nd place (red ribbon).

(Here are some photos of the fair table in the honey exhibit area.  Very colorful and pretty ribbons.)

I don't pick my items up from the fair until it closes next Sunday, so I don't know my judging scores on each item in specific. 

 The demonstration hive was intriguing to the kids! Young and old!

 Where's the queen?

Happy with this year's fair results!

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