Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The judges evaluation card...fair (2014) fair results

       Well, my fellow beekeepers and enthusiasts, I am not meant to win a first place ribbon for my honey in the local fair.  AGAIN this year, I received a yellow (3rd) place ribbon.  (At least, I'm consistent and I'm a contender.) And, AGAIN this year, the same guy received the blue.  His honey is pretty.  And apparently it is freer from crystals than mine.  But, finally, this year, all the dipping and scraping of foamy bubbles paid off!  No foam in my honey!  My moisture content was reasonable-17.0%.  (They measure this with a refractometer.)  And, yet, AGAIN, no matter what I do, I get points taken off for the fill line.  Here is the judge's score card below.  Interesting,...I had entered the light amber honey category, but for some reason, I ended up being judged with the extra light amber category of honey.  (There were also the other categories, which I obviously did not fit-waterwhite, amber, dark amber, etc. the color was obviously light amber to me.).  Wonder if I'd have been a 4th in the light amber so they moved me into the extra light amber so I'd do better?  Who knows.

Here is the judge's evaluation card.

My entry number was: #00447
Supposedly the judging is done "blindly" so that no one knows whose honey is whose; but one lady standing there suggested to me that they occasionally look at the names on the tags of the bottles; hopefully, AFTER the judging!

The fellow who won first place has a great last name; it is Winpigler.  It sounds like a cartoon character to me.  So, it's fitting he should win, I guess.

My bee photo also got a ribbon-4th.  It seems, even though the rules don't say so, that if you frame the photo you do better.  I only mounted mine. I still think it's a great photo!  Shows the pollen sac nicely on this girl in the cherry blossom!

So, a bit frustrated, but I'll go outside the building and eat another apple dumpling with vanilla ice cream on top,... the 2nd best reason I come to the fair!

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